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Woodland Park Cottages FYI


Manager Adam Mun

Paul and Julie Mun


Woodland Park Cottages was purchased by Dr. & Mrs Alton Mun in 1972. They started renting out the cabins in 1973 with the help of their 5 children. They always strove to offer clean, functional, spacious cottages where families like their's could come to enjoy the ocean, Acadia National Park and the natural beauty of Maine. Their son, Paul and his wife took over management of the cottages in 1994. This year Woodland Park Cottages will be managed by the next generation of the Mun family as Adam Mun takes over the cottages to start our 51st year! Adam would like to continue offering you a base of operations for a great vacation!

Things to bring to a cabin or cottage


Cottage checklist for maine

  1. Flashlight - It can get very dark here at night and a flashlight will help you get to the office or find something in the car.
  2. Rain Gear - It does rain here occasionally so you may want to be prepared. Also works well as a windbreaker.
  3. Clothing - plan on lots of layering so you can handle just about any weather! (In August it can range from 40 to 90 degrees in the span of a few days!)
    1. Spring and Fall - the temperatures can range from the 30's to the 80's so be prepared. We even received a little snow on the first of October 2000.
    2. Summer - in July and August it can drop down into the 50's at night and soar into the 90's during the day. Whale watching or nature cruises and the tops of mountains can be quite chilly as well.
  4. Old Sneakers or Water Shoes - for exploring the shore and boating. Our cove is mostly rocky but there is some mud exposed at low tide. We have a 12 foot tide here so there is plenty of shore exposed to explore when the tide is out.
  5. Cellphone Reception - Bar Harbor only has ATT and Verizon towers but many carriers have agreements with them so you may be covered?! We now have two towers, one from each carrier, within about a mile of us so reception is not too bad at our place. All the mountains on the island are in the national park and they don't allow towers on any of them so cell phone reception is very spotty to nonexistant at many places around the island! We have had great reception from the top of most of the mountains so head up if you need to make a call!
  6. Spices for Cooking - so you don't have to buy a new container when all you need is a teaspoon of something for your blueberry pie or lobster newberg.
  7. Fishing Gear - in July and August you can catch fish off the dock. I have a few poles but couldn't keep supplying lures so bring a few of those! Mid July thru August the schools of fish like shiny lures with a little weight so that they can be cast. Before or after those dates bottom fishing is best so you need to bait the hook.
  8. Bottled water - the cabin's water is supplied by the town of Bar Harbor. It is not bad tasting but does have a chemical taste so some people prefer to use bottled water.
  9. Family Service Radios - If you are traveling in a group we have found that these portable walkie talkies can come in real handy. At our reunions held here (usually over 70 people) we have used them hiking, biking, road trips ("I think we make a right up here ..."), calling the kids up from the shore for dinner, keeping track of groups while shopping and helping find people when trying to pick them up from shopping! Texting works in town but there are many trails that do not have cell phone reception.
  10. Charcoal lighter fluid - People don't like to drive with lighter fluid so they usually leave it here. I have been telling people not to bring it and we have handed out gallons of it! We have finally worked through our supply so I can't guarantee that I will have any here. If I do, you can have it! You do have to supply your own charcoal.

Cabin Supplies

Checklist of Kitchen Supplies

We try and keep the cabins supplied with the following items. Some sizes are dependent on the number of guests the cottage will hold:

 Table Settings:

Dinner Plates
Sandwich Plates
Butter Plates
Cereal Bowls
Lobster Crackers & Picks
Utensils: tsps, forks,
knives, soup spoons,

Food Preparation:


    Egg Turner
    Egg Beater or Whisk
    Cooking Spoon
    Draining Spoon
    Wooden Spoon
    Rubber Scraper
    Potato Peeler
    Potato Masher
    Long Tongs
    Measuring Spoons
    Cutting Board
    Juice Canister
    Vegetable Brush
    Cork Screw

Pans, Stainless Steel:

    Skillet with cover
    2 qt. w/ cover
    3 qt. w/ cover
    8 qt. w/ cover
    10 qt. w/ cover
    16 qt. w/ cover


    Propane Stove w/Oven
    Drip Coffee Maker w/filters


    9x13 Baking Dish
    Pie Pan
    3 Mixing Bowls
    Measuring Cup


Next Years Reservations

If you would like to stay with us next year here are a few procedures we follow. We give our regular renters preference and start placing them in November year. If you know when you would like to stay with us please let us know and we will be happy to put you on a waiting list. In December we try and place everyone on the waiting list and accept new reservations. Good luck and please let us know if you have any questions!


1. Directions to Woodland Park Cottages from the Maine-New Hampshire border on I95. The State has changed the I95 exit numbers to match the mile markers! I have updated the directions to show the new exit numbers and mile markers. Here are my directions, complete with some photos to help you find your way!

https://www.woodlandparkcottages.com/DirectionsME-WPC.pdf (15mb)

If you would like Google directions just enter your starting address:

The Maine Turnpike Authority has some information here:
Maine Turnpike Authority

2. Woodland Park Brochure (acrobat ".pdf" file):

Color (524k)- https://www.woodlandparkcottages.com/wwwpbrochurec.pdf

4. Desktops:

 Woodland Park dock:

640x480 (92k)

800x600 (136k)

1024x768 (212k)

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